The annual conference of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Research Special Interest Group (ReSIG) in Turkey is going to be held at Bahçeşehir University (BAU) for a third time in a row. The IATEFL ReSIG constitutes an exclusive premise for exploring issues related to ELT, convening teachers, teacher-researchers, educators and researchers from around the world for sharing their experiences of research face-to-face at regular events. This mission coincides with the culture of BAU as an educational institution focusing on research. The difference between this year’s event and the previous ones is that this year’s will elaborate upon the personal research experiences of EAP/ESP/ELT teachers as researchers who address the challenges they have encountered during their practices. The primary goal of the conference is to bring together teacher-researchers across Turkey and beyond to support the growing international movement of teachers as researchers and knowledge creators for themselves, their students and their schools. This conference is participant-centred, with teachers being viewed as at the centre of knowledge construction rather than the ‘receivers’ of expert knowledge. The format of the conference promotes interaction among presenters and listeners by allowing ample discussion time after brief presentations of studies. In this way, teachers are encouraged to communicate their ideas, and to get and give feedback freely.

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