Angi MALDEREZ is senior lecturer in the School of Education, the University of Leeds, UK. She is co-author with Caroline Bodozcky of ‘Mentor Courses’ (1999) and with Martin Wedell of ‘Teaching Teachers’ (2007). She is co-director (Leeds) of the longitudinal ‘Becoming a Teacher’ research project. For the last twenty years, her work has involved supporting the learning of teachers-becoming-mentors.

Plenary: Developing Teacher Learnacy

In this talk I will argue that our main responsibility as teachers of teachers is to support the development of teacher learnacy (Claxton, 2004). I will present a protocol for mentors to use in managing post-lesson discussions (Malderez 2015) which can achieve a number of additional important aims, such as help mentors avoid the negative effects of judgementoring (Hobson and Malderez 2013) as well as supporting the development of what I see as the skills for informed reflective practice (IRP). These are some of what others might refer to as TR skills.

Workshop: On Noticing

Most models of reflective practice begin with a need to e.g. ‘review’ past experience. However, re-viewing or ‘seeing again’ is impossible if we have not ‘seen’ the first time. This workshop explores e.g. the similarities and differences between noticing and observation, the importance of noticing for responsive teaching, some of the reasons we can’t or don’t notice things in our classes, and how we can become better noticers.