Ayşen GÜVEN works as the Head of the English and Higher Education for the British Council in Turkey.

Her work in the British Council since 2014, has been to lead on the publication of the State of English in Higher Education in Turkey, one of the biggest publications involving 40 universities in Turkey. Since then, Aysen has led on the development and the pilot of the British Council’s Quality Development Programme (QDP) for English in Higher Education, a quality framework which was piloted with 5 Turkish Universities in 2017 in partnership with the Council of Higher Education and the Higher Education Quality Board. Both of these projects had an important influence on the search to come up with a National Quality Framework for English in Higher Education, which is still continuing in partnership with the Turkish Council of Higher Education.

Prior to joining the British Council, Ayşen worked at Bilkent University for 20 years both at the Preparatory Program and the Faculty Academic English Program as a teacher, Head of Teaching Unit, EAP teacher trainer. She has designed and coordinated the in-house EAP teacher training program at Bilkent University.

Her expertise is in Teacher Education, Reflective Practice, EAP curriculum design and implementation, Content Based Instruction, English Medium Instruction and Leadership in Education and Quality Development in English in Higher Education.

Ayşen is the Coordinator of the Special Interest Group for English for Specific Purposes at the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Plenary: The search for quality in English for higher education: Implications for teacher research

The search for quality English provision at tertiary level comes with many opportunities and challenges regardless of the context in which it takes place. Whether at an individual, institutional or national level, the main drivers, opportunities and barriers for this search for quality for English in the academic context need to be fully explored and discussed to arrive at a sustainable model for quality assurance. This quest for quality assurance is not always a straightforward process but is an absolute requirement which needs to be well-planned, resourced and invested in by policy makers to foster national and international collaboration.

In this talk, I will draw upon my knowledge and experiences as a teacher, trainer, British Council project lead for English in academic settings in Turkey, as well as my work outside Turkey through the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and the British Council. In doing so, I will share recommendations to develop possible frameworks for sustainable quality assurance models and will argue that teacher research needs to be placed at the heart of establishing quality assurance systems at these three levels.